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Sunday 21st May 2023

1.30pm Matinee peformance

6pm Evening performance

Tickets on sale soon!

Join us and our cast of talented performers on a wondrous journey to ‘Limelightland’ — where a musical magician awaits your presence.

Prepare to be transported to lands of harmonious delight and unlimited possibilities where the only limit is your imagination!

From enchanted fables to thrilling showstoppers, each land brings a toe-tapping adventure for everyone.

Your ticket is the key to unlock the magic that awaits…




​Songs include numbers from:

  • Shrek

  • Hamilton

  • Six

  • Enchanted

  • Finding Neverland

  • Wonderland

  • Spirited

  • Lyle Lyle Crocodile

  • Jingle Jangle

  • Anastasia

  • Back To THe Future

  • Dance Of The Vampires


...and many more.

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